Unique painting shows by Phillips curates

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Unique painting shows by Phillips curatesPhoto courtesy of MFPA
Working with artists who are internationally recognized Brom Wikstrom is displayed in the exhibition "Artists Above All," curated by E. Bruce Phillips. After a diving accident left him a quadriplegic, Wikstrom learned to paint with her mouth.
By Turia Stark Williams
Published: Friday, March 2, 2007

E. Bruce Phillips, director of the reach communities in Savannah College of Art and Design-Atlanta, recently had the opportunity to curate exhibition of artists with disabilities.

"Artists Above All" - exhibited at the Art Gallery for All VSA arts of Georgia Healey Building 57 Forsyth St. until April 20 - features work by 10 members of the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, a painting with a brush held in their mouths or feet as a result from defects which forbids them to use their hands.

"When I eagerly accepted an invitation to curate this exhibition ... I started to reflect and consider how I will run my own art work using only his mouth and / or my legs," Phillips said. "The next thought that crossed my mind is how people can learn to craft foreign to both legs. I have also considered the impact of lost or never had use of my hand. [Title of show] speaks to the fact that the artists are composing a beautician and capable obtain income through the arts, outside the limitations of public perception that they live. "

With the motto "Self help - not charity," said MFPA is an international, non-profit association entirely owned and managed by artists with disabilities to help them meet their financial needs. Cooperative organization, which represents more than 600 artists around the world, to reproduce and sell members' artwork as notecards, calendars and books. This exhibition offers a rare opportunity to see original works of such renowned artists as MFPA Brom Wikstrom, Dennis Francesoni and Robert Thorne.

Sophia Viola, Scad-Atlanta director of Student Counseling and Disability Services, said, "Artists Above All" focuses on the ability, not disability.

"An exhibition like this shows that despite the challenges, they do not have to limit what you can achieve: it just might be an alternative way you might need to do to achieve your goals," he said. "And when challenges are recognized, even a work of art that much more moving and appreciated."

Viola also said he hoped to work with the gallery show to discuss the work of students and alumni with disabilities Scad in place.

Jaehn Clare, director of artistic development for VSA arts of Georgia, said, "I want students to know that there is an organization with showrooms opportunity to bridge the gap that includes our culture for artists with disabilities."

A reception for "Artists Above All" will be held April 5, 5-8 pm As part of the Turner First Thursday Downtown Art Walk, reception, free and open to the public.

source : http://www.thecampuschronicle.com/scadatlanta/features/070302b.cfm

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